Godaddy Domain Hosting Services

GoDaddy Domain Hosting Services

GoDaddy Domain Hosting Services One of the biggest decisions you have to make when you start a website is choosing the best web host for your business. You definitely need a reliable, secure and, of course, the best value for money web hosting service.
GoDaddy is probably better known due to its massive advertising budget — including plenty of TV spots featuring NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick.

Godaddy Domain Hosting Services

What does GoDaddy do?

If you want to host a website, which is if you want your website to go live and so that people can see it anywhere in the world, Godaddy can give you cheap hosting fees once I have bought a hosting package, I will even have a free domain.

They provide you with domains at the cheapest rate possible, I have done my research on this.

Godaddy even provides you with a site lock, which you would require if you don’t want hackers to invade into your privacy.

They even get you a website builder, if you are willing to pay for it.

P.S: In short, Goddy gives you a host of things at a price

Go Daddy Ease of use

Customer support and peace of mind
Reliability: speed and uptime
Plan pricing
Everything will still depend, like any purchasing decision, on personal user requirements, budget, and website.

Ease of Use for Beginners

I think one of the most important parts of web hosting is the ease of use for beginners. Web hosting can be really confusing. Nobody wants to deal with confusing features, clunky interfaces, and pain-in-the-butt payment terms
GoDaddy: Security features: GoDaddy has no basic security services for its customers even with its ‘ Premium ‘ hosting kit. Users still have to add a basic Website Backup package that does daily backups, malware scanning, and malware monitoring for an additional $1.49 a month per site. The price does seem fair; however, in order to clean malware, the Website Security Essential package also has to be added for an additional $4.99 a month per site. Free: SSL certificates are not free with GoDaddy. They start at $59.99 per year

Domain name Registration

GoDaddy does not include a free domain name. Domain name registration with GoDaddy start as low as 99 cents! Of course, that’s for a pretty wacky domain name. If you want a “.com” URL, you will need to pay $14.99+ and $12.99+ for “.net” domains.
Website transfer and migration: If you are currently hosting a site with another web host, GoDaddy does allow you to migrate all your website files, database, emails, etc. They offer this service for free. Note, forIt takes 7-10 days to do that for some reason.
Navigation: GoDaddy uses what’s called a C Panel for managing your websites and domain. It has the classic cPanel look. With GoDaddy’s fall 2013 re-brand, as well as Bluehost, they officially switched to the industry-standard cPanel. They customized it a bit to make it like Bluehost more user-friendly. So here it’s essentially a tie.

GoDaddy Plans

GoDaddy Domain Hosting Services GoDaddy’s shared web hosting plans have three tiers. The first one is called the ‘Economy’ plan. While the plan does have a 100GB storage limit, it does provide one Microsoft Office 365 email inbox. As of this writing, GoDaddy has this plan at a rate of $7.99 a month. The current promotion for a 36-month contract is $2.49 monthly; and after which, the regular rate applies upon renewal.
The next plan is called ‘Deluxe’ and goes for $10.99 a month ($4.99/mo. for a 36-month term). It has the usual features for most plans at this tier – unlimited domains, bandwidth, and storage – usual upgrades from basic plans.

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