Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing is the marketing where the promotion of products and services is done through digital channels. This type of marketing uses digital channels like search engines, Social Media apps, e-mail marketing, etc. It offers a variety of different marketing tactics that greatly aids in creating awareness about your brand or product to building a new customer base. DIGITAL MARKETING is far more versatile than traditional marketing. Let’s dive into a brief study of its Advantages


To most of the people marketing means advertising or selling at large scale.

In reality, marketing means the activities undertaken by a business for the promotion of sales. It includes market research and advertising. Marketing is the building of relationships between the seller and the buyer.

Marketing is a process of informing a consumer what you sell and why people should buy it. Nowadays, Marketing is an Ad, a Facebook page or an Instagram account. These recent changes that we are witnessing are the miracles of technology. TECHNOLOGY has given birth to a highly rewarding field i.e; DIGITAL MARKETING. It has pushed down the barriers of TRADITIONAL MARKETING and has offered way too many opportunities to the ever-rising business activities.


  • Lower coast is one of the major benefits of it. If one sets a goal and decides a budget accordingly than the rewards are highly worth it and cost-effective.
  • Results and trackable With the help of web analytics tools, we can get to learn about the performance of our ad campaigns.
  • TARGETED AUDIENCE is another big advantage of it. One can easily track the traffic and then can learn about its potential customers and target them.
  • GLOBAL REACH is also easily possible with the help of digital marketing tools.
  • ONLINE SALES are another great benefit of it. One can easily sell online with the help of e-commerce websites.
  • MARKETING OF SKILLS AND CREATIVITY is an exceptional benefit of it. Online platforms like youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. provide an enormous amount of space to the innovative ideas to interact and inform customers ultimately leading to increased sales.


  • Training and skills are required to deal with digital marketing. So, trained and professional personnel is always required for it.
  • The time consumption remains high since optimizing a site and creating effective content is a time requiring process. So keep measuring your results to arrive at meaningful conclusions.
  • Security and privacy of customers need to be taken care of.
  • Stiff competition is provided by competitors once you enter the global market. It’s a challenge to face them and stand out.


So far, we had discussed both traditional and digital marketing along with their advantages and disadvantages. The world is pacing and being dynamic all with the miracles of technology. The IT sector is causing wonders in businesses. No Model business should ignore the rising importance and need for digital marketing. But at the same time, traditional marketing methods can not be overlooked. They still hold their own importance.CONCLUSIVELY, a Smart Bussiness should use a properly mixed balance of both the marketing strategies to haul the long run.


Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing means the conventional processes of marketing. It is simply the marketing that we have been using. It includes the offline methods. TRADITIONAL MARKETING is the traditional ads that we see on a daily basis. Major techniques of traditional marketing include the following:

  • Print [newspaper, magazine, etc.]
  • Broadcast [T.V., radio, etc.]
  • Outdoor [billboards, fliers, etc.]
  • Telemarketing [telephone, SMS Marketing, etc.]
  • Direct mail [catalogue, postcard, etc.]


  • It greatly benefits in reaching to the local audience. T.V. and radio are the fastest way of spreading awareness about your product or service.
  • It is beneficial for reusing the printed advertising material. It can be re-read or re-used anytime. Like pamphlets, brochures, posters, etc.
  • Another benefit of using this type of marketing is, it does not require an internet connection to reach the audience.
  • It is a familiar type of marketing. Say for example distribution of pamphlets. Even older people can take it to read it. UNLIKE DIGITAL MARKETING with which older people are unfamiliar.
  • It reaches masses of audiences. An ad on T.V. reaches millions of people of various demographics. It also reaches to the targeted audience.

Traditional marketing methods are still important to businesses. But solely relying on these techniques of marketing will not be so feasible option for business in the long run. Let’s have a look at the disadvantages of it:


  • It has become a very expensive method of marketing as compared to digital marketing where the cost is comparatively low and the rewards are much higher than the cost.
  • There is a problem of staticity of text. Once the ads have been published in a newspaper or magazine they cannot be updated.
  • Traditional marketing offers a limited market to businesses.
  • It provides less information as it is difficult to give the complex details of your product or service one is offering due to the limited space of the advertisement offered in newspapers and other print media.
  • A customized type of marketing is not possible here.
  • A new thing has emerged i.e; conversion of traditional media into digital marketing. like, online newspapers and magazines, etc.

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