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Affiliate Marketing is a very simple business model Many people know the Affiliate Marketing program of Amazon. With Amazon’s Associate program you get paid when the customer you sent to Amazon purchases something. Amazon wants your website or other traffic to be directed to their site and make a purchase – simple as that. Although Amazon is the largest, there are thousands of other partner programs and marketplaces to find the best items for your audience.
It is a bit like checkers or Goes though – it is easy to learn but takes time to master.

You need traffic – you need people to refer. There are two basic ways to do this:

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

You essentially need to build an audience first with search traffic. Preferably an audience focused on a product-focused subject/niche. And a niche where value can be added. Where you can help solve problems. You create content that targets the purchase of keywords of intent. The visitor how arrives after searching for “best price for canon camera” is much more likely to go on to purchase a camera (and you get a commission) than the visitor who searched for, “how to use Canon camera”.


The other way to get traffic is to buy it. This is typical of recurring commission and other products that pay higher commissions than Amazon. This is certainly a more sophisticated form of association, and when you buy ads, you have money at risk.

I’d stick to the affiliate model of the market to get going while you know how it works. But I would have as broad a number of free traffic sources as possible. Get the word out everywhere.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that irrespective of what you’re trying to do with FBA, e-commerce, etc. the skills you learned are transferrable

Remember though choose your niche carefully.No to need to try to go up with a lot of power against big sites. You’re not going to get any Google search results from these pages. But also don’t be so mysterious that for many words you’ve got a niche where you’re on page 1 that no one is looking for.

Targeted Traffic

This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how few people actually understand this concept…

Targeted traffic is finding people with a highly likely conversion hood.

If you were an affiliate for a dog product, it wouldn’t make much sense to try and get cat owners to click on your link.

Some of this boils down to some common sense, but to really build a successful affiliate business online, you have to go deeper than that.

You have to fully understand exactly who is the most likely to convert for your offer.

Now we will get into how to get this kind of traffic in a moment, but first lets better understand how to find people that will convert on our offer.

Understanding The Purchase Funnel

A purchasing funnel is the process of the potential consumer to buy a product or service.

Understanding The Purchase Funnel

A buying funnel is the journey of the theoretical customer to buy a product or service.

I’ll explain each step of the way, but when first starting out you’ll want to focus on the bottom of the part of the purchase funnel.

Awareness – To gets a person to know about a product or service. They may not even know at this stage that there is a solution to their problem.

Opinion – A person decides if this product or service is even right for them.

Consideration – Is the information stage, this is where most people will spend time learning about their current problems and all the available solutions to fixing it. (Informative videos, blog posts, etc. work great here) A preference-the customer decides which brand they want to buy. (It works great for people at this stage to review posts/landing pages). Purchase-right before making a purchase, the final stage. They know they want to buy and they are ready to pull the trigger. (If you are able to get a coupon code for your affiliate offer, this will sweeten the pot and make sure they purchase from your link over others).

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