What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing involves the sale and promotion of products, services, and ads over the Internet. It all began in the year 1994. Revenue grew to an estimated $7.1 billion for the period 2004-2005 By the introduction of the Web 2.0 platform, online marketing took a whole new phase of momentum. The advertising portion increased with increasing devices over a period. The introduction of smartphones and televisions that use the Internet has further escalated the chance for companies to use online marketing and for blog owners to earn through Google Adsense. Google, the major search engine and online advertising platform saw a sevenfold increase in revenue for the year 2007.

Foraying into the fields of word processing software, mobile telephones and online payments drew significant attention. Though there were privacy concerns about online marketing companies using personal data of individuals, it was all sorted out after a well-planned privacy statement was prepared for a customer. Customers now have the freedom to send their personal data over the Internet to private internet marketing companies or uncheck the option during the registration process. Many businesses utilized new age internet marketing online in order to reach out to a wide area of the market. Apart from all this, the investment that a company would require is less in comparison to traditional advertising.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

One of the major advantages of online marketing over traditional marketing is the immediate publishing of information related to a product. This is irrespective of geographical location and time. Off soon, interactive advertising became a new challenge for companies. Most of the companies adopted an interruptive strategy to attract customers and promote a product or brand. The ease of customization associated with online marketing is another advantage. A company can regroup, reorder or change the content altogether according to the necessity. It is also possible to customize the posted websites. Most of the search engines are available over the Internet to enable advertising that is in relation to the WebPages or alongside the search results.

The Internet has become an emerging source that takes currently in expansion mode. The growth in this medium is attracting customers from different cultures to promote new products and bring in new customers. Customers are at an advantage for they have the ability to check for the product and decide whether they can purchase or not. Online marketing includes the creation of banners, e-mail, in-game, use of animation, social promotion using Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. It is possible for a company to promote a product in different ways. It helps the company build an audience for a niche category.

Market Research

Market research is helping companies understand the requirement of a customer. Online advertising is increasing and has provided good results from various businesses. It is also seen as growing business revenue. According to a recent survey, $34.5 billion is being spent in the United States alone for online advertising. That is a massive number and is poised for greater growth in the coming years. Capturing the attention of a customer in different ways is a need of the hour for any company. As we are speaking about online marketing tips, provided below are a few of the important types of marketing categories that most of the companies follow:

Digital Marketing Categories

  1. Display advertising
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Content marketing
  6. Referral marketing
  7. E-mail marketing
  8. Video marketing
  9. Inbound marketing

Every category has its own importance over the other. It also depends upon the product that a company wishes to promote. It is important for any business to understand the requirement of the customer in order to enable them to acquire the right information about the product. Market research helps any company get an in-depth analysis of the requirement of a customer. This also helps them promote a product in the right way so that it reaches the targeted audience. There are also blog owners who choose online marketing services for their blog marketing online. These blog owners earn through the regular revenue models stated below plus also earn through Google Adsense programs. For them to do their blog marketing online is important as they gain more exposure and more traffic by their blog marketing online and so more revenue.

There are different revenue models available when we speak of online marketing. This includes cost per thousand impressions, cost per visitor, pay per click, cost per action or deeper performance, fixed cost and cost per conversion. It depends upon the company and the advertising or host websites to select the right mode of revenue model. The inexpensive methodology to attract customers is gaining a lot of attention among various industries.

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