What is SMO

What is SMO

SMO is called social media optimization or SMO to facilitate business using a social networking site. It provides the target customer with maximum scope capability and is easy and cost-effective. SMO is best for promoting local business. Best platform for social networking to promote your company: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. In order to gain access to your website, you can create banners, photos, share images, articles and comments on these pages. The more you connect with the client, the more likely they are to become potential customers.

Why Use SMO

Traffic: Apart from the search engines and email marketing, the top source of traffic is SMO. If done in an effective way this is an effective way to drive traffic on your website.

Website’s Visibility: As the huge number of people use social networking websites, forums and communities, SMO is a great way to increase the visibility of the website.

Communication Channel: Companies now provide their customers with a communication channel apart from the email marketing such as Facebook Pages so that the companies can easily reach to the companies and establishes a great connection between them.

Free Advertisements:- Social Media Websites are now proved to be as a great source for advertisement.

Ease of Target: With social media platforms and other online communities, you can advertise to the limited audiences. And if your business covers worldwide audiences than it becomes easier for the companies to reach the global audience with the services of SMO.

Customer Satisfaction: If the customers get in touch with you with the social media accounts and get an immediate response then it helps in increasing the rate of customer satisfaction as well as the rate of credibility increases.

Sharing of Quick updates: If you want to make the announcement of the new launch of products, a press release or some important information that should reach your customers that this can be viral on the facebook pages, twitter, Linkedin etc.

Paid Options

Several options are being provided by SMO such as blogging, forums, etc in order to reach the targeted customers and audience. For example, some of the paid options such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads etc are cost-effective in case of success rate.

Close Relationships with the customers: When you update something on the facebook page or twitter handle or any other such platforms then the customer share their views which actually make you understand what the customers actually need. This helps in building trust and strong customer relationships.

Quick Popularity: If you want to get the quick popularity of your business than the SMO services are the best solution for the quick popularity of your business.

Benefits of SMO are

SMO ensures a strong presence on the Web

Social Media Optimization expands the reach

Social Media Optimization drives more traffic

Lead Generation

Improves search engine ranking

Free Advertisement

Close Relationship with customers

Ease of target

Best Social Media Platform for Business:

Twitter –  Easier to gain followers.

Facebook- Start the business page and very quickly include customers.

Quora-  Perfect location for owners of small business.

Instagram-  A platform for posting images on social media that allows sharing photos quickly. For all small businesses, it’s fine.

LinkedIn- B2B social networking sites and make sure you add a listing of your agency.

Youtube  –  Video sharing social media website and online marketing strategy for all kind of business.

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